“Glorifying God with excellent education”

Admittance Eligibility

ACA will accept only English-proficient students with the exception of English as Second Language (ESL) and Pre-Kinder (PK) students. ESL and Pre-Kinder students transitioning into the regular K-12 program must demonstrate a proficiency in English language (oral, written, reading). ESL students are admitted on a conditional basis. Continued enrollment at ACA will depend on English proficiency.

The admission period for new students extends to the first 2 weeks of each semester. Exceptions will be made for missionary families.

ASUNCIÓN CHRISTIAN ACADEMY (Academia Cristiana Asuncena) is a religious institution that offers a modified Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) curriculum that is approved by MEC. We are accredited through Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and AdvancED.

Mission: Establishing biblical principles of God’s kingdom in families through academic excellence in the English Language creating agents of change to impact the world.

Vision: Glorify God with excellent education.

Tagline: Where Faith is shaped and minds are sharpened.

Children must be at least four (4) years old on/before September 1st to enroll in pre-kinder and five (5) years old on/before September 1st to enroll in kindergarten. Student grade placement in 1st-12th will be determined by review of past records and current assessment.

Admittance preference will be given in the following order: [1] missionary children, [2] children of teachers/administration, [3] other international Christian community English-proficient children. With the exception of missionary children, preference will be given on the basis of English proficiency.

Students entering from a US/Canadian institution may enter with a review of records. All other students must be assessed in Written/Spoken English, Reading and Mathematics.

ACA will not admit students that have been expelled from their previous school or with a significant negative behavior history.

Entrance Age

Children must be at least four years old on or before September 1st for pre-kinder, or be five years old on by September 1st for kindergarten.

Grade Placement

Students may enter any grade on evidence that they have satisfactorily completed the work of preceding grades and are at the proper age level for that grade. If there is any uncertainty in placement, a test will be given to determine placement. Senior high school transfer students will be placed according to the number of credits earned in their previous school. All correspondence credits received from accredited educational institutions will be accepted at face value without a fee or further re-testing.

Admitting Students with English as a Second Language

ESL (English as a Second Language) students in grades Pre K— 1 will be admitted without demonstrating English proficiency. This conditional basis admittance and the continued enrollment of the students at ACA will be based on periodic English proficiency testing, quarterly grades, and ESL teacher recommendation. Parents will be notified by semester on assessment data.

Students are expected to transition to the regular program with satisfactory English proficiency within a two-year time period. If a student cannot demonstrate acceptable English proficiency within that time period, they will be exited from ACA. Exiting ACA may occur at the close of either academic semester.

Elementary ESL students will be graded with the elementary grading scale (Excellent, Satisfactory, Needing Improvement).

Pre Kinder or Kindergarten ESL students will be admitted only during the July semester.


A complete dated immunization record is required for every child enrolling in ACA. Parents are responsible to maintain immunizations updated and to notify school with changes. For more information about immunizations please contact the school nurse.

Included on this record will be a notation of any allergies, medical conditions, and the name of their doctor.

For enrollment applications please email:


Comunication Studies

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