Back to campus: Hybrid Classes

As previously announced, even though planning paused briefly this week, ACA will begin following a hybrid class schedule at the beginning of Quarter 4, the week of April 6, 2021.  

The week April 6 the Elementary grades PK-5 will come to campus on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.  The Secondary grades 6-12 will come to campus the week of April 13 and the divisions will alternate weeks until the end of the year, if we are able to continue on campus.

The attached documents will show the class schedules during the on-campus weeks.  All classes will continue to follow our current schedule during the weeks they are not on-campus.

If you would like your student to take classes on campus

**There is a parental consent form attached.  If you would like your student to take classes on campus then you must bring the form to the office and sign it in the presence of administration.  This is a governmental requirement. Additionally, you need to bring the following documents with the parental consent form:


1. Original or copy of the Birth Certificate;

2. Copy of the student\’s Cedula or Passport; and,

3. Copy of the Cedula or Passport of the parents.


1. Authenticated copy of the Judicial Resolution;

2. Authenticated copy of the student\’s Cedula or Passport; and,

3. Authenticated copy of the Cedula or Passport of the guardian/s.

The registration must be done in advance before April 6th.  ACA has to register all students who are attending on campus.  Thus, you will need to come to the office next week to bring the form and the required documents.

We will be sending additional information next week to those families who will be coming to campus.   This information will include the protocols that must be followed in entering campus, during the school day, and the exit of campus.  You will also receive guidelines concerning the personal cleaning kit that each student must bring, as well as the protective equipment that must be worn.  

Students will be required to wear their ACA uniforms and follow the regular ACA dress code.

Please note that if you choose not to send your students to campus at this time that the next opportunity for on campus classes will be July.  Once a student opts out of on-campus instruction that cannot opt in. If a student begins on-campus instruction they may choose to opt out at any time.  However, they will not be able to return to on-campus instruction until the next school year.

Please continue to pray for our teachers and the ACA administration as we work through all of the protocols as we get our campus ready to receive students.

May God be with you and keep you…I wish you a blessed Semana Santa as you celebrate the resurrection and like of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  To whom be glory forever and ever…AMEN!

Mr. Retzer