Please review the spiritual, academic, behavioral and financial criteria for Asuncion Christian Academy students and families listed below. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


  • As a Christian School, all entering students (grades 6-12) and their parents (grades PK-5) must be in accordance with and sign the school’s Statement of Faith. Students or parents in opposition to this statement of faith or within other religious groups will not be accepted. 
  • One parent or guardian must be a professing believer in Jesus Christ, agree with the school’s statement of faith and provide a Christian testimony. It is preferred that both parents provide written faith testimonies.
  • Upper School students must be a professing Evangelical Christian.
  • Students and at least one parent must regularly attend and be involved in a Christ-centered church showing a sustained commitment to a local church.
  • Pastoral references are required for all applicants and must be provided yearly to the school.
  • Parents must sign the Parent Commitment Package (handbook, financial obligation) which indicates their support and compliance with the philosophy, statement of faith, spiritual goals, policies, practices and objectives of Asuncion Christian Academy.

ACA will accept only English-proficient students with the exception of Pre-Kinder (PK) students. Pre-Kinder students transitioning into the regular K-12 program must demonstrate proficiency in the English language (listening, speaking, writing, reading) that is sufficient for the grade level for which they are applying. 

The admission period for new students extends to the first 2 weeks of each semester. Exceptions will be made for missionary families, and for other foreign applicants at the Admin Team’s discretion. Click to see the admission process

Children must be at least four (4) years old on/before September 1st to enroll in pre-kinder and five (5) years old on/before September 1st to enroll in kindergarten. Student grade placement in 1st-12th will be determined by a review of past records and current assessment.

Admittance preference will be given in the following order: 

[1] missionary children, 

[2] children of teachers/administration, 

[3] other international Christian ministry English-proficient children, 

[4] other international Christian community English-proficient students. With the exception of missionary children, preference will be given on the basis of English proficiency.