Tuition Assistance

An ACA education is a significant investment in your child’s growth and life! This is something that cannot be measured by worldly monetary standards. However, we hope this list of Tuition and Fees will be helpful in your decision making process.


Pre- Kinder & Kinder

Gs.2,958,500per month

Grades 1 - 5th

Gs.3,696,000per month

Grades 6 - 12th

Gs.4,054,500per month

*Tuition includes the cost of textbooks and workbooks, camps, and yearbooks. It does not include the one-time family entrance fee, admission fee and registration fee.

Admission fee

Gs.700,000per student

Registration fee

Gs.1,600,000per student

Entrance fee

Gs.16,000,000per family

If your family is employed by a missions organization or a church, please contact the office for financial support. Families with multiple students enrolled may also contact the office for financial support. In addition, you may pay per semester and receive a 2% discount.

ACA Polo Gs 60.000 / 70.000
PE T-shirt Gs 30.000
PE Shorts Gs 50.000
PE Pants Gs 65.000
PE Jacket Gs 65.000
ACA Sweatshirt Gs 100.000
ACA polar Jacket Gs 100.000

*Our daily uniform consists of jeans or khaki pants/shorts and the ACA polo. The ACA polo and the PE uniforms may be purchased in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Bible / NIV 2011,Student Edition Gs 85.000
Bible case Gs 50.000


Schedule a 1:1 meeting

Our admissions counselor, Mrs. Elena Ortiz, would be delighted to meet with you via Meet or a phone call to answer any questions you may have about Asunción Christian Academy.