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Reconnecting a big family – Alumni Spotlight: Esther Lee

After graduating from ACA, Esther attended Franklin & Marshall College and graduated from there in 2016 with a degree in Sociology. She is currently pursuing her second degree in nursing at the University of Pennsylvania and hopes to become a family nurse practitioner upon completing her education.

PEACEMAKERS – Our Spiritual Emphasis Month!

This year for Spiritual Emphasis Month we will be exploring the topic “PEACEMAKERS”. In all seasons we are called to be agents of change and ambassadors of reconciliation. Thankfully, […]

From Art to Grammar – Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Friesen

From Art to Grammar – Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Friesen Ms. Leti Friesen is our High School English teacher! She has worked at ACA for five years […]

Get ready for Missions Week!

Missions Week This next month we will be getting ready for MISSIONS WEEK. Like always our goal is to know more about God’s work in the […]
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