Standing Strong! – Notes from the General Director

(3 minutes reading)

I want you to know that ACA is standing strong through this pandemic.  We continue to work hard to fulfill the motto that represents our purpose (and is painted in our parking lot!), “Where faith is shaped and minds are sharpened.”  We know that maintaining a high level of quality work is difficult under normal circumstances and it is now extremely difficult under these pandemic circumstances.  Yet, we must keep working hard and stay focused on the godly goal of providing the highest quality education for our children that is possible at this time.

I also want to take this time to remind you of the ACA Vision statement and Mission statement:

  • Vision statement“To glorify God with excellent education.”
  • Mission statement“Establishing biblical principles of God’s kingdom in families through academic excellence in the English language creating agents of change to impact the world.”

I write these to ask you, and to remind you, to that we must keep our vision placed upon the godly role that has been entrusted to us – the education of our children.  This is not a process that should be compromised, minimized, “dumbed-down” (teach only 50%), or ignored.  We must be diligent, hard working and focused on our task.

I also want to share the ACA Core Values with you.

  • Asuncion Christian Academy is founded on a resolute commitment to God through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • The students learn that biblical truth is connected to and is the basis of all areas of human knowledge.
  • The students are taught to discover the significance of God’s Word in their daily life.
  • The parents, student and the school share the responsibility of the educational process.
  • Academic and spiritual distinction that excels in every staff action and student pursuit.

Please notice that our Core Values place the emphasis on WHO we are…the ACA family…parents, students, teachers, staff, admin…WHO ARE WE?  We are Christians joined together in our faith to follow God’s command given to educate our children.  And our main purpose is not that of educating our children to become a doctor or engineer and to make a lot of money, but to know God and to gain salvation through Jesus Christ.  To KNOW that biblical truth, and the absolutes in Scripture are the basis for all areas of human knowledge – primarily the knowledge that GOD CREATED…period.

We all have our important roles in this process and education cannot, and will not, happen without the commitment of parents and students, along with the teacher.  

And, finally, we must all be committed to work in this process for the main reason is that it brings Glory to God and Scripture says our students will become like their teacher, and will become a light to the world.  Because as God’s Word is our foundation, God is our ultimate teacher and our students will grow to be like Him and they will become the future leaders in our churches and in society.  

That is why we are working so hard to accomplish this task and why we must continue to work together, not to minimize or “take it easy”, but to persevere and take joy in what we are doing.  We have 6 weeks before Exams, stay strong and focused!