Our mission is to establish biblical principles of God’s kingdom in families through academic excellence in the English language creating agents of change to impact the world.
Parents, students, and the school share the responsibility to cooperate in the educational process.
Our students learn that Biblical truth is connected to and is the basis of all areas of human knowledge.
Our students are taught to discover the significance of God's Word in their daily lives.
We are founded on a resolute commitment to God through faith in Jesus Christ.
We are academically and spiritually distinctive that excels in every staff action and student pursuit.

Christ Centered Education

Multicultural Environment

 Average 20:1 Student-to-Teacher Ratio

We exist to glorify God with excellent education

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  • ACA has influenced me by helping me grow in faith and in my relationship with the Lord. Surely, the Christian education offered by this school has shaped my character.
    Jorge Brunetti
    Class of 2022
  • I love to serve the Lord in every way I can in this wonderful place where He has given me the privilege of working for 12 years now.
    Fernanda Barrios
    School Psychologist
  • I don’t imagine myself going to another school than ACA or being a part of any other class than the Class of 2022; it’s like this school is my second home and family.
    Erika Ortiz
    Class of 2022
  • I enjoy the relationships I get to build with the staff. Not only with teachers but also with all the workers that help our school. I also enjoy building relationships with students of all grades, and especially my own kiddos. I enjoy the privilege to talk about God and teach the Bible truth to our kids.
    Syndiana Kim
    Former 1st grade Teacher and ACA '14
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