Advent – Notes from the General Director

Happy December, everyone!

Greetings from somewhere near Baltimore, Maryland, USA.  Mrs. Retzer and I just completed a week with our daughters, Heidi, Heather (husband Joseph), and three grandchildren.  We are driving to Springfield, Missouri to spend time with Mrs. Retzer’s parents because we were not able to travel to Washington state to see my mother, whose 89th birthday is today, December 1.

This pandemic is affecting the whole world and is limiting our normal travel to see our children and grandchildren as I know it is limiting you as well.  Yet, it gives us peace and strength to know that God is not surprised and that all of this and that we must keep our eyes on Him to keep a proper perspective.

We are now in the first week of Advent as we now focus on the birth of Jesus Christ.  I encourage you to follow the Advent tradition to help you focus on the miracle of God coming to us as a tiny baby, only to give himself as an adult to be sacrificed for our sins, providing restoration of our direct relationship with God.  Thus, we are very blessed to have peace with God during this unprecedented time in history.  

I thank God for the whole ACA family as we have persevered together to take care of our children.  I thank God that He has blessed us with the tools to teach and train our children.  I pray that you will continue to model and teach your children to keep their eyes on our God.

May God bless you and keep you in His hands,

Mr. Retzer