Notes from the General Director – September 2021

The 1st Quarter of the ACA school year 2021-2022 will be complete in just a few weeks and 2nd Quarter will bring some significant changes.  The most significant is that we will begin to have all classes on campus on all school days.  Beginning October 4, 2021 all grades PK-12 will return to campus for a full school day.

  • The Secondary (grades 6-12) will enter following all of the same protocols (wash hands, take temperature, alcohol spray on hands) from 7:10-7:30 and the Elementary will enter from 7:30-7:55.
  • Secondary classes will begin at 7:45 and Elementary classes will begin at 8:00
  • Pre-kinder and Kinder will leave at 2:10, Secondary at 2:30 and Elementary at 2:50

    This is our current tentative schedule…we will send a final schedule to you by September 24.

We want ALL students to return to campus for regular instruction.  If you have not previously registered your student for classes on campus you must register by Wednesday, September 22 for the students to come to school in person on Monday, October 4.  If you have already registered your students, you do not need to do it again.

  • Congratulations to Ivan Ferreira for his election as President of the ACA Student Council and for Eduardo Koo for his election as Vice President of the ACA StuCo.

  • Thank you to our Spanish Teachers for their work with our students to celebrate Folklore Day in the classrooms.  The Elementary was celebrating on Friday, September 3 and the Secondary is celebrating on Friday, September 10.  Hopefully, we can again welcome the public to our celebration on campus next year!

  • There will NO Camp this semester.  We will wait and see what the health situation is next semester before making a decision.  This year we are planning that we will likely need to do Day Camps on campus for each of the Camp weeks.