Life in Asunción


The official languages of Paraguay are Spanish and Guarani.

Paraguay has a tropical to subtropical climate, and like many nations in the region experiences both wet and dry seasons throughout the year. Paraguay is in the southern hemisphere and so it has inverted seasons compared to US. From the middle of May to the middle of August, Paraguay experiences a mild winter and the rest of the year is characterized by hot and humid weather.

Paraguay has a very low cost of living from rent to food and consumer goods. In Asuncion, the capital of the nation, a single person spends around $360 monthly and the rent of an apartment costs about $250.

Paraguay is a safe and peaceful country and it is characterized by the warm hospitality of its people.

Paraguay’s countryside reflects its beautiful nature with rivers, lakes and hills. Paraguay’s cities are modern and lively, but they also show the typical atmosphere of South American cities.


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Legal Paperwork
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There is an apartment building with six furnished apartments on campus that provides housing for international teachers and their families.  In the case of limited availability assistance will be provided in finding alternative housing options. Laundry is included.