We are active


At ACA, our physical fitness and health are very important to us. We enjoy glorifying God with our bodies. In Physical Education we learn various different sports, games, and skills that help us develop aerobic, muscular, and flexibility fitness for well-rounded health. Each quarter our Physical Education program takes part in challenges to see how each student has improved in his/her personal fitness.

ACA also enjoys Field Day each year. This is an all-day event where the entire school competes in different sports and competitions. These events vary from races to basketball to shot put to slip n slide bowling. It is a lot of fun having everyone from Prekinder through 12th grade outside playing games together. We also have a growing athletics program.

Our teams compete in tournaments against other schools throughout the year. We have a variety of teams such as men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, and elementary soccer! They bring so much school spirit and fill our facilities with life at the end of the school day. We love being active!