Asuncion Christian Academy

Asuncion Christian Academy

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Job Title
General Director
Office time
[MON - FRI: 6:40 AM - 3:00 PM]
Job Type
Full Time
30 June, 2023

Company Description

ACA is a tremendous and dynamic mixture of students and faculty from five continents.  In addition to the official school educational languages of English, Spanish, and Guarani, you may hear Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, and other Asian languages or African languages spoken by ACA family members!  The diversity here in the heart of South America is a wonderful collection of God’s people who all are working toward the one goal of providing education for our children that encompasses a strong biblical worldview.

ACA is the place where we seek to “Glorify God with excellent education” and where “Faith is shaped and minds are sharpened.”  Our mission is “Establish biblical principles of God’s kingdom in families through academic excellence in the English language creating agents of change to impact the world.”  ACA seeks to work hand-in-hand with our parents to teach and train the children God has placed in our care.

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About the General Director Position

Join the staff at ACA as the General Director and lead a team of highly dedicated teachers and support staff in providing the best educational experience for our students. The job of the General Director is to oversee the operation of the school so that the Ends stated in the Governance Policy Manual are completed within the limitations established in the Governance Policy Manual. 

The General Director will be expected to be present and active in school activities and functions.  

As our General Director, you will manage the operation of the school, reporting directly to the school board.

Job Responsibilities

Job Skills & Qualifications


  • The General Director should have a minimum of two years experience in educational administration.
  • The General Director is to have earned a graduate degree from an institution approved by a regional accrediting agency.
  • The General Director is to have earned at least fifteen semester hours of graduate credit in educational administration and supervision as a part of a master’s program or in addition thereto.
  • The General Director is to earn at least six semester hours of graduate credit during each five-year period until he/she has earned at least thirty semester hours of graduate credit in addition to the master’s degree. A minimum of three semester hours must be obtained in the area of multi-cultural education.
  • The General Director is encouraged to continue studying beyond the minimum requirements.  It is recommended that the General Director have additional studies in Bible and theology.
  • The Board shall ensure General Director performance, measured by compliance with its Ends and Executive Limitations policies. 

Position Start:      July 1, 2023