Staff Spotlight: Don Juan Riveros

Who doesn’t know Don Juan?  He has been ACA’s Maintenance Supervisor for 16 years now. Today, in the first Staff Spotlight we will get to know him a little better and his story at ACA.

What is your university degree?

I have studied Architecture at UNA and also some Science Math at the Facultad de Filosofía.

Tell us a little about your work experience before entering the ACA

I first worked as my father\’s assistant in construction, he was a contractor so started working with him. During my Architecture studies, I worked as an accounting assistant. After that, I started working here.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the ACA?

I enjoy the community,kindness and Christian environment of the teachers, students, parents and staff. They are all very kind and always encourage me. 

Tell us a little about how you came to work at school and how that influences your life today.

The pastor of my church and his wife have their daughters enrolled at ACA. They were also members of the PTA. They told me that a maintenance supervisor was needed, so then I sent my CV and they accepted me. Working here gives me financial stability for my family.

Dear students: Whenever you set goals to yourselves, don’t get weary until you achieve it. God will lead you through every big or small goal until you achieve it.